Premium Players

Randy Van Deursen

Randy Van Deursen Randy Van Deursen model

Name: Randy Van Deursen, Nicknake: Big Dog, D.O.B.: September 18

Current setup: Flight- L-Style "Big Dog ver. 2" , Barrel- Dynasty A-Flow "Big Dog" 18 gram barrel, Tips-, L-Style Premium tips, Black, L-Style Hard Lips conversion tips when playing steel

Most Recent Personal Achievements:
Won Top Gun at BullShooter finals (Two times): Won a DARTSLIVE stage in Shanghai, China
2016 Soft Tip DARTSLIVE Las Vegas Semi Final
2015 Soft Tip DARTSLIVE China Winner
2015 Soft Tip DARTSLIVE China Winner
2012 Soft Tip NDA World Championship Winner

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What is Premium Player

L-style Premium Players are a select few at the top, among the already high level Team of L-style Players. Premium Players are players who could (and most do) compete with the rest of the international professional players and have earned a great list of achievement. Not only do they play at the highest level but they are also fantastic ambassador of the sport, travelling internationally to help promote our brand but also the sport of the dart.