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Terry Hayhurst

Terry HayhurstTerry Hayhurst model ver.2Terry Hayhurst modelTerry Hayhurst model

Name: Terry Hayhurst, Nickname: The Titan, D.O.B.: 03/11/1985, Hometown: Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Preferred L-style Equipment: Champagne Flight(L5c),L-style Carbon shaft, Hardlip
Most Recent Personal Achievements:
8x national champion
8x provincial champion
5x world cup qualifier
4x world masters qualifier
2010-2011 #1 ranked Canadian
Currently ranked 34th in WDF world rankings
Currently ranked 2nd in the DDB north American rankings
Candian open champion
Quebec open finalist (WDF tier 2)
MLD Calgary open champion and finalist
2x montreal LE SKRATCH semi finalist ( PDC TIER 2 )
2x Virginia Beach Classic cricket runner up ( WDF TIER 1 )
USA Darts classic champion
Cherry bomb classic finalist
St patricks open finalist
K-W open cricket, 501, 301 champion and finalist
Provincial athlete of the week award
Canadian athlete of the year award
Youngest to win national titles on 2 different occasions
Youngest to win a Canadian national triple crown

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